About us

Our rooms
We have 1-2-3-4- and 5-bedded rooms. Most of our rooms have a sink in the room. Shower and toilets are closely located to the rooms. We also have three cottages suitable for smaller groups of 4-12 persons.

The beds are equipped with pillow and duvet. Bedlinen are either brought by you or hired at arrival. Sleepingbags are not allowed. Rooms where you may bring your dog is available. You may cook your food in our well equipped guest-kitchen which you share with the other guests. Our carpark is free of charges.

Our delicious breakfastbuffet is served daily 8-9, though other times may be agreed of.

Single rooms and 2-3-4-5 bed rooms
Have a room to yourself or the family. Our single rooms and 2-3-bed rooms have single beds and bunk beds. Our 4-bed rooms are equipped with two bunk beds, in a few rooms with a wide lower bed. 5-bed rooms are with two bunkbeds and a single bed.

Our houses
We care for four different houses in Evedal. The main house is open throughout the year. It has 21 rooms and 60 beds.

Svensborg, Berghälla och Lillstugan are open april-november.

Svensborg is located by the minigolf. There are three rooms and 12 beds. Toilets, shower and a small kitchen.

Berghälla is the charming house a bit further away, 200 m. It has a lovely veranda. There are five rooms in Berghälla and 12 beds. Toilets, shower and kitchen are on the first floor and most rooms are upstairs.

Click on the photo to see a video of Berghälla!

Lillstugan is a tiny, very old adorable cottage located just 50 meter from the beach. There are four beds; one bunkbed and one bedsofa. It is a little little house, with a little little bedroom. The room with the fireplace is little and the kitchen is little; the toilet is also very little... The charm is great!